The Pursuit of Our Mission

We pursue a twofold mission of engaging ministry partnerships and providing counseling services.

Our devotion to partnership in ministry is inspired by the crucial role of the church, as symbolized by church steeples. When the eastern U.S. was being settled by European newcomers, there was a regulation in many communities that prohibited building anything higher than church steeples. Then, if a person was in need, all they had to do was look up and find the nearest steeple and they would know where to run. This function of steeples appears to have been lost. The church needs to raise its steeples and reclaim its role as the primary provider of help and care in the community. The broader part of our twofold mission is to inspire the church to raise the steeples to renew the lives of those in need.

Our devotion to providing counseling services that inspire healing, growth and renewal comes from the life of Jesus Christ. During his earthly life, Jesus was the model counselor of the human soul. He met people where they were. He loved them unconditionally. He crossed boundaries to reach people. He had a special concern for the poor. He offered healing. He encouraged growth. He called people to a relationship with him as the source of renewal. And Jesus still provides these things by his Spirit working through human beings. The deeper part of our twofold mission is to provide counseling services that inspire healing, growth and renewal…because Jesus did.

The Purpose of Our Mission

We pursue a twofold mission for the sake of a single purpose.

Everything we do in our ministry points to a single purpose: To assist the Spirit-driven process that forms Christ in people’s lives. The Bible teaches that human beings are fulfilled by manifesting God’s glory and that the best way human beings manifest God’s glory is by becoming like his Son.

The Spreading of Our Mission

We pray that the impact of our mission will spread beyond individuals.

We pray that fulfilling our God-given twofold mission and our God-inspired single purpose will renew lives, strengthen families, revitalize the church, and transform communities.