One of the most remarkable assets of Formation Counseling Services (FCS) is the strength of its clinical staff. FCS employs a staff of highly educated, trained and experienced psychologists, counselors, and social workers.  Approximately 70% of our clinical staff members have over 20 years of experience providing counseling services.  It’s a privilege and a pleasure to offer the extensive experience of our clinicians for your benefit.

All of our counselors are Christians who are passionately devoted to providing Christian counseling from a Biblical frame of reference as their primary specialty.  For those who are not Christians, it is important that you know that our counselors are dedicated to providing the highest quality clinical services to all whom they serve and to honoring the beliefs of all whom they serve.

For those who are Christians, it is also important that you know that the entire staff at FCS, including the support staff and the clinical staff, are passionately devoted to Christian community within our agency. We believe our services are strengthened by being provided through a strong Christian community of people who are serving a common mission.

What all the above means for all of our clients is that we provide an extremely experienced clinical staff that are part of an unusually strong, stable and cohesive team of counselors and support staff. This enhances the quality of the services you receive from FCS.

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