God’s primary purpose is not to “cure your symptoms.” God’s primary purpose is to use your symptoms to “cure you.”

We believe human beings find their fulfillment in manifesting God’s glory. We also believe the best way for human beings to manifest God’s glory is by becoming like his Son. Therefore, the highest purpose of our specialized Christian counseling services is to assist the Spirit-driven process that forms Christ in people’s lives.

We are devoted to the understanding that the overall goal of Christian counseling is to facilitate the process of spiritual formation. We understand “spiritual formation” to be simply the Spirit-driven process by which a person grows to become more like Jesus Christ.

Every aspect of our Christian counseling services is seen through the lens of spiritual formation. We want to join with you in answering two of life’s most important questions. An important, more specific question for right now is, “How can God use what I’m going through to make me more like Christ?”  An important, more general question for now and the future is, “What can I do to join with God in the process of being made more like Christ?”

It will also be helpful for you to know that we see the Bible as the primary text that changes people’s lives. The Word of God creates life in people and unites them to Christ. We are devoted to integrating Scripture into the Christian counseling process in the unique way that is best for each person.

Our prayer is that our specialized Christian counseling services will not only help relieve symptoms and solve problems, but that, more importantly, they will assist you in the Spirit-driven process of being formed into the image of Christ.