Immeasurably More

There is a story told by a woman who was grocery shopping with her preschooler.  She said, “My little boy asked, ‘Mama, can we buy a cantaloupe?’   He was gazing longingly over the beautiful fruit display in the grocery store.  His innocent question turned like a knife in me.  A fruit we all enjoyed seemed the utmost luxury in light of our meager checkbook balance.  I had carefully made the grocery list to fit the money we had until the end of the month.  Cantaloupe wasn’t part of the plan.  But I did notice that two of the items I had intended to buy were on sale, and the savings happened to equal the cost of a cantaloupe.  I sighed, and said, ‘I guess we have enough.’  ‘Oh, Mama,’ my son cheered, ‘enough is a lot!’”

Provision is a wonderful thing to experience in life.  Enough certainly is a lot.  In fact, many a smile is generated by simply remembering that, by definition, we never need more than enough.  However, a unique thing about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is that he often provides “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20 MSG).

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