You may be seeking healing for deep emotional pain and uncomfortable emotional symptoms. You may be yearning for growth as a person or in your faith. You may be thirsting for the renewal of your spiritual life. You may be in crisis or just responding to an inner longing for change in your life. In any case, it is our desire to meet you where you are and join you in what you want to accomplish.

“Meeting you where you are” means that we want to listen well to understand deeply what you are facing. We want to understand your situation no matter how serious and challenging it may be and no matter how desperate you may feel about it. We want to offer you our compassion for your situation based on the struggles we have faced in our own lives and upon our concern for you—a concern that gives us joy to offer.

“Joining you in what you want to accomplish” means dedicating ourselves to working with you. We want to join with you to apply the most powerful resources available to help you accomplish the changes you want to experience in your life. We want to share with you the profound hope for change that we have—based upon our clinical experience, upon our life experiences, and upon our faith-based perspective (for whom that applies).

Research has shown that the relationship between the client and the counselor is one of the most powerful factors that creates change in counseling. Therefore, we put a great deal of care and effort into matching you with the best counselor for you and for your situation. Because we have a large clinical staff, we are able to offer a significant number of counselor options. This increases the chance of creating a good counseling match for you.