The fact that up to one out of two marriages end in divorce suggests that far too often relationships are pulled completely apart. The marriage between the parents represents the emotional foundation for the lives of their children. So, the price that is paid for marriages that come apart is incredibly high for all involved, including the children.

The goal of our counseling services for married couples is not one of divorce prevention. Our aim is higher than that. We strive to support you in having a satisfying, fulfilling marriage that grows over a lifetime. We offer well-developed tools to assess and understand your relationship and the issues you are facing. We also offer exceptional tools for healing, reconciling, growing, and enriching your relationship.

For those who are seeking specialized services from a Christian perspective, research is showing that couples who are active in their faith are much happier in their marriages. This simply adds support to the Christian principle that the happiest marriages place God at the center of the marriage. It is our conviction that if we can help you strengthen your relationship with God, your marriage will grow stronger and be more fulfilling as a result.

We are deeply committed to providing pre-engagement and pre-marital counseling services. One of the best ways to ensure a fulfilling marriage is to make a wise choice regarding a marriage partner. We offer strong support and comprehensive assessment tools to assist in the process of exploring whether a relationship has the potential to be a good marriage. We strongly encourage pre-engagement counseling. This gives couples the best context for assessing a potential marriage relationship. However, we also provide counseling for those who have already made the decision to marry.


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